If only every company was this decent.

March 5, 2020. It was last time I photographed an Air Canada flight attendant graduation.

Of course, I didn’t know it then – that night, just days before the COVID crisis, I was packed in the Windsor Ballroom with 200 other people, partying it up.

Lots of people hate Air Canada. I am not one of them. I love A/C. They are so good to their staff – me included, an outside contractor.

Twice a year, Air Canada throws their flight attendants a big party at a fancy hotel in Montreal. The big bosses stand on a stage and welcome them into the giant worldwide family with heartfelt enthusiasm.

They also hammer home – one last time from the grad podium – the importance of being kind, considerate and accommodating to travellers – that A/C staff represents the best of Canada, and that they are the face of Canada.

And what faces they are! Air Canada flight attendants are every age, every nationality – all impeccably dressed, well coifed, well mannered and nice.

Sad to think that all those excited flight attendants were immediately laid off two weeks later, and have not worked since.

But, fingers crossed, they’ll be flying soon!!