The Studio is Closed Due to Covid 19. Here’s What I miss

I miss people

My job is 100% social, 100% of the time. As a “people” photographer, I am always around people. I miss the bubbly sociability of weddings… business events… family portraits in the park… professional portraits… Christmas pictures… graduation pictures…

I miss my studio mate

I share my studio with another photographer. I miss gossiping… chatting… sharing Photoshop tricks… cookie breaks… hearing about his kids… learning obscure Jewish facts…

I miss the smell of the studio

I miss opening the door and stepping into the familiar smell of the studio – kind of like dusty cinnamon buns.

I miss the certainty that the studio will stay open

The studio has always just… been there for me. I guess I took it for granted.

I moved into the studio 7-8 years ago, but my studio partner has been there over 30 years.

But photography is social. And sociability is – quite literally – the death of people these days. Not just in the short term, but probably in the long term too.

Will the studio be around in 6 months? In 3 months? Hard to say.

But unless someone comes up with a vaccine really, really soon, it’s not looking good.

The “tug” to Take a Photo

The instinct to take a photo is a feather light tug on your shirtsleeve.

It’s like walking past a laundromat and catching the briefest smell of warm soap.

Or hearing a snatch of music through the open window of a car driving by.

I often ignore this urge. I’m not ready. I’m busy. Or I just don’t see it. I think “A picture? Where?”

Take the photo above. What is it about? I don’t know – only that I was compelled to take it. Is it a good photo? A bad photo? Again. Don’t know.

All I know is I was drinking my morning coffee, looking out the window, and I felt that familiar tug.

I got my iPhone. I tried the shot vertically. Horizontally. With the lace curtain in the frame. Without. With the giant scary tree. Without.

My inner critic tagged along (“you-have-no-talent-this-photo-will-never-work). I’m used to that.

Finally, I was done. I only liked one photo – the one above with the warm square of light in neighbor’s kitchen window.

Human warmth in a rain soaked sea.

I didn’t even see that light – I only saw it after in the photo.

It reminded me – yet again – that you have to listen to that creative genie that lives in your soul. It know when there’s something there, even if you don’t.

Have you ever set out to take a certain kind of photo and ended up with something completely different?